11 Games that I Can’t Forget

Play these games and enjoy! I’m sure that you will enjoy! Comment under this. Share to everyone you know. Thank you!

1. Pocket Academy by Kairosoft – I love this game. Here, your goal is to build a good school. You will decide where the facilities will be located. As your school grows, the students are increasing, you can also hire some teachers here. Yours is the desicion in designing the school and all. That’s why I love this game.

2. Pokémon Crystal – I played this thrice, It’s not boring. Discover Pokémons in every route you will go. The story is great.

3. Ruzzle – This is an online game where you are like playing the word factory with friends and stranger. Your vocabulary will increase here. I also love this game.

4.Shadow Fight – If you love Martial Arts, play this one. It has many moves to move. Defeat all your enemies to won.

5. That Level Again 1, 2, 3 – The author make this based on his story, so this game is true story. This is a logic game. Finish all levels to know all the story. Take note: That Level Again, That Level Again 2 and That Level Again 3 are not the same.

6. Clash of Clans – Build your own village, and join other clan or make your own clan and invite others. Battle with players worldwide. I like this game.


7. Dream House Days – It is also Kairosoft’s game. Build your apartment and enjoy! 😉

8. Tricky Test – an IQ Test game. You will answer all tricky tests. Looks simple but you should shake, rotate you phone. Some test here 91% can’t solve. How to put elephant on a fridge??? Enjoy!


9.  Minecraft – I like this game. Build your own world with boxes.😂 It has so many tricks. You can discover things in the world.

10. Plants vs. Zombies – I love this game, play this and you will be addicted. Since I am 6 years old I’m playing this. Obviously, Plants will fight several zombies for your brain to survive, It has several plants that have different abilities to fight zombies also with different abilities, I promise you, you will be addicted.😉

11. Sims – That game is like true. You will live in a normal life with job, friends and etc. You can also depart to another country.🚢

Enjoy playing these games! Expect more posts from me.

Thank you for reading!


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