2nd Year

I don’t know where school I will study on 2nd year high school. 😂 It is almost vacation and I am still not deciding which school where I will study. 5 school is in my choice.

1st choice is a public school and I don’t want to study there, but my older sister like me to study there because she studied there when she is high school. My sister like there because that school is focused on drawing (that is not my passion 😉).

2nd choice – It is only in my choice 😂.

3rd choice. This is my present school, I like some things there. It is private. I don’t like also few things there. My advantages there I can meet my old classmates that makes me happy.

4th choice – It is far but public school. Here is my passion, music. But it is so far. My mother studied there when she is at high school level, so it is okay for her for me to study there.

5th choice… My present classmate invited me there because she will study there next school year. There is also an advantage to invite friend there, it lessens your tuition fee but it is also expensive there and also far.

My pending choice is 4th choice 😅


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