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Today was a very gladly day which my father agreed for me to take Education Major in Music in my college. When I change my decision to take music in college, I doubt if my father will allow me to take it or will not allow me. This day, he said, "If your passion is... Continue Reading →

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11 Games that I Can’t Forget

Play these games and enjoy! I'm sure that you will enjoy! Comment under this. Share to everyone you know. Thank you! 1. Pocket Academy by Kairosoft - I love this game. Here, your goal is to build a good school. You will decide where the facilities will be located. As your school grows, the students are... Continue Reading →

Requirement to Excel in Music

One word only, Interest. Without interest, you will not like music. Don't continue learning music if you are only forced. Find the thing that is best for you like arts, sports or etc. When you are interested in a thing, you will be focused about that thing, you will not ignore it anytime. If you are interested... Continue Reading →

2nd Year

I don't know where school I will study on 2nd year high school. 😂 It is almost vacation and I am still not deciding which school where I will study. 5 school is in my choice. 1st choice is a public school and I don't want to study there, but my older sister like me... Continue Reading →

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